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Wearable Computers Australia

This site is designed to inform and help people building wearable computers.

I decided to build this site after getting stressed about not having access to the kilometer long Surplus Electronics shops in the USA.

I have collected here all the information and resources I have found while researching building an as yet unconstructed, budget wearable for myself.

I will be using recycled laptop H/W possibly Compaq or Toshiba as they seem to have the smallest M/B's.

I am updating this site on a daily basis as more and more people submit information to help me improve its content.

If you know of any places or sources of wearable associated equipment in Australia that are not listed on the links page, please drop me an email and I'll update it pronto !

Tech Question: Which keyboard ?

This is the amazing Palm folding K/B !
Palm folding K/B.

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Our hero !

Steve Mann, the father of the wearable computer. Steve has been building wearables since the early 80's and has driven the interest in human-machine integration to a consumer breakthrough level.